Shallower Head Lamp rims (pair) for all Classic Morgans

Morgan Brass Knock-on Centre Caps Spinners - Single - Right Side

Wiper arm 1998 on right hand drive

Morgan - 8 TPI, 42mm, Two-eared - Left - Single

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Librands Panhard Rod Kit

Panhard Rod and the complete kit with all necessary fixings. This is one of the first upgrades we would recommend if you're looking to improve the handling of yo... more »

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SSL Panhard Rod SSL Panhard Rod for leaf springs on Traditional Morgans

For every traditional 2-seater Morgan The SSL Panhard Rod for all traditional Morgans Improves handling without affecting the ride. SSL Panhard Rod design T... more »

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SSL 5L Rear Suspension Kit for all Classic Morgans

The SSL 5 link kit does away with the leaf springs and replaces it with progressive rising rate coil-over adjustable telescopic dampers with the axle controlled by 4 forw... more »

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Rear Spax

Pair of adjustable Spax dampers to complement the front SSL RS kit

These adjustable Spax dampers compliment the SSL RS front suspension refinement set when they are adjusted half way from soft to hard. ie. 12 clicks up from soft which is... more »

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The 2.25 inch Spax Coilover C Spanners are a simple but extremely effective design coilover adjuster. Simple But Robust Design Ideal Toolbox Accompaniment The... more »

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