Large Interior Mirror
Stainless Steel Large Interior Mirror

+8 Non cat performance manifolds
Librands +8 non-cat performance manifolds inc fitting kit EXA 040

Duratec manifold gasket
Manifold gasket Duratec

TR oval silencer EXA084
Librands TR oval silencer EXA084

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LiBrands Front and rear coilovers enhancement for Plus Six

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Librands Suspension upgrade developed for us by SSL to enhance this great high performance car.

SSL specified new spring, damper and anti-roll bar rates.

Besides the improved ride comfort, also of great importance is that the handling and road holding during assertive driving has been made far more progressive to enable greater use to be made of the power and torque of the superb straight six cylinder BMW motor.

Adjustable damping but fixed ride height so is exempt from TuV approval in EU, plus a progressive anti-roll bar characteristic to improve low speed ride and handling."

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