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Librands Alternate single outlet trims for Aero Models

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Spot light relay with fuse and bracket 30amp

Librands +8 side outlet pipe pair with 90 degree bend. Price per pair

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SSL Panhard Rod SSL Panhard Rod for leaf springs on Traditional Morgans

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SSL's unique design replaces the U bolt plate under the leaf spring so does not clamp onto the leaf spring as the clampo affects the leaf spring compliance.

The Panhard cross member is there to ensure that the side loads that the rod takes are distributed to both sides of the chassis; this is actually the cross member used on the SSL 5L rear suspension system.

Currently only available for the Morgan 2 seater and the 4 seaters that do not have the battery behind the axle.

Notes; There are two major chassis widths, please advise if your chassis is the older ‘narrow’ version or like the current ‘wide’ chassis.

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