Bumper tube fitting brackets
Spotlight Brackets for Bumper Fitting (PAIR) LIBR009

T16 manifold fitted
Librands Plus 4 T16 manifold for long cat 1993-1998 EXA077

Librands Luggage rack for the New Morgan Plus Four with no spare wheel


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Librands Panhard Rod Kit

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Panhard Rod and the complete kit with all necessary fixings.

This is one of the first upgrades we would recommend if you're looking to improve the handling of your Morgan.

A panhard bar prevents the rear axle from moving side-to-side, which makes the handling more predictable and stiffens the chassis.

Available for Wide and Narrow traditional Morgan cars

If installing on an early Morgan Plus 8 please email us as we would need to check where the contact is with the rubber fuel hose between the fuel tank and the fuel pump

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