Librands 2006 to 2017 Four Seater +4

Hard Chrome King Pin & Phosphor Bush Set

Rack and brackets fitted
Librands Luggage rack for the traditional Morgan cars 1997 to 2020. For long door 2 seater cars without bumpers or over riders

New Uprated Classic stainless type wiper blade 210mm for CX Chassis Plus Four cars

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SSL Front and Rear Coilovers for Aero 8 / Plus 8 Series 2,3, & 4

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SSL's Front and Rear coilover upgrade set will fit the Aero8 -Plus8 series S2, S3 and S4

New adjustable damper settings for more comfortable ride and better handling.

Refined spring rates makes the car into a comfortable and fast true Grand Tourer, ideal for two on long distance trips.

The car seems to turn in to corners more easily, there is some feedback through the steering: all in all an easy car to drive on any road.
The ride has lost the low speed nervousness endured over a broken surface, including cattle grids. Cornering hard there is a shade more roll as the car turns in, but it feels planted and composed in a way that it didnít before. Overall the ride and suspension feel as one would expect to find on modern performance car.

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