Librands ovall race silencer
Librands Plus 8 oval repackable race silencer EXA074

EXA507 Adaptor for 2" OD tailpipes with clamp

Black leather strap set
Black Luggage Rack Leather Straps

SSL Morgan Aero 8, Aero Max, Plus 8 and Speedster, Series 2,3 and 4

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Night Breaker Laser H/L bulbs

Osram Night Breaker Laser Performance Bulbs - Pair

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Stainless Steel Stone Guards For 7" Headlights/Headlamps

Stainless Steel Stone Guards For 7" Headlights/Headlamps Pair of non rusting stainless steel stone guards for 7" classic car headlamps Held in position wi... more »

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Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs

Osram Night Breaker Unlimited bulbs - Pair

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Cibie H180 replacement Head Lamp Units EUROPEAN DIP for driving on the right.

Replace those standard head lamp units with a pair of Cibie H180 items.They come with side lights built in. No bulbs included. Light Function: with high beam; with low... more »

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25.4 mm deep headlamp rims

Deep Head Lamp Rims (pair) for all Classic Morgans

These are the deeper head lamp chrome rims and they are 25.4 mm deep. The deeper ones are fitted mostly on later cars. Hence the extra cost. Price for two more »

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Shallower Head Lamp rims (pair) for all Classic Morgans

Chrome head lamp rims, fit all traditional Morgans. Complete with fixing screw. There are two depths for Morgan head lamp rims and these are 23.5 mm deep These s... more »

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Head lamp bowls (pair) for all Classic Morgans

Light weight rust free head lamp bowls complete with adjusters and inner chrome rim. 2 adjuster type. Includes nest to body gasket. Takes normal 7" light unit... more »

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