2.25" 90 degree bend
Side Exit tailpipe 2.25" (57mm) OD EXA085

Side screen steadies both sides
A pair of Librands Side Screen Steadies for tapered windscreens T

Door check fitted
Mk 1 Door Check car set for traditional cars from August 1997 and earlier cars with under scuttle roll bars

Rear Spax
Pair of adjustable Spax dampers to complement the front SSL RS kit

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Competition hoop and base frame for long door cars

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This roll bar is designed for competition and is powder coated.
The benefits over the normal Morgan roll bar are twofold.
The base frame extends down to the chassis both in front of and behind the rear axle, thus stiffening the chassis in the area where it is weakest. A good shunt from the rear always bends the chassis up from the back under the axle.
On the more usual race bar only the front hoop is fitted to the chassis. The rear stays are fitted to the wooden wheel arches. We have in the past made extensions that drop down to the chassis. I have a fear of the body being ripped off the chassis if the car was going along upside down backwards.

Race hoop on frame
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