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Polished Stainless Steel Roll Hoop - Plus 8 2012 MY

LiBrands UK manufactured Polished Stainless Steel Road Roll Hoop for all Plus 8 - 2 seater Aero chassis cars from 2012 Comprises a rigid, discreet Roll Hoop that bolt... more »

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Librands roll bar system with road hoop

Stainless Steel Roll Bar system - All long door cars

UK manufactured Stainless Steel for all 2 seater wide chassis long door traditional cars from 1997. Comprises a rigid, discreet base frame that bolts to, and stiffens... more »

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Race hoop on frame

Competition hoop and base frame for long door cars

This roll bar is designed for competition and is powder coated. The benefits over the normal Morgan roll bar are twofold. The base frame extends down to the chassis bot... more »

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Competition hoop for Librands roll bar system

Made for us by Custom Cages and certified for competition. Constucted in T45 cold drawn steel and powder coated black, it can be swapped for the road hoop in a few minute... more »

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