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A pair of Librands Side Screen Steadies for tapered windscreens T

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There are two versions of Librands Side Screen Steadies, these for cars with windscreen sides which taper to the top with 9 hood studs or those with cast windscreen supports and Morgan's easy-fit folding hood. The tapered windscreen was introduced around 2002.
The other version fits cars which have windscreens with parallel sides for cars with traditional hoods and those with Simmonds hoods before 2002
They are designed to stop the top of the side screens from blowing out at speed (letting in the wind and rain!). They are easily fitted and form the third part of a triangulation with the two outer side screen knobs and are adjustable in length for the final setting.
Having the same side screen knob on the inside means that your Morgan tommy bar works on all three knobs and can be used to remove the side screen, at which point the steady folds flat to the side screen so that they can fit in your side screen bag in the usual way. The inner side screen knob is positioned to not get in the way of your elbow and i have indeed found the steady useful for pulling the door closed whilst wearing a seat belt. Full fitting illustrated instructions are included. Email me for a copy.

Side screen steadies both sidesSteady fitted
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