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Luggage Rack- 1992 to 1999 and earlier 4 Seaters

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Focus manifold gasket
Manifold gasket Focus/ Zetec engines

Rear Spax
Pair of adjustable Spax dampers to complement the front SSL RS kit

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Night Breaker Laser Halogen Head lamp bulbs Price per pair

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Night Breaker Laser bulbs are a development of the halogen head lamp bulbs and give up to 110% more brightness, a light beam up to 40 meters longer and 20% whiter light compared to standard halogen lamps the perfect precondition for safer and fatigue-less driving.

to 130% more light, 40 metres more distance and 20% whiter light than standard bulbs of the same wattage with extended lifetime.

They are fully road legal at 60/55 watts and easily fitted in traditional Morgans replacing the standard H4 bulb

Night Breaker Laser H/L bulbs
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