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Librands +8 non-cat performance manifolds inc fitting kit EXA 040

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The Librands +8 Non cat manifolds exit through the inner wings, as standard, and are large bore to maximise performance on incresed capacity and tuned Rover engines. They also work very well on standard 3.5 and 3.9 litre versions.

Primary pipes are 41.3mm/1.625" od. Seconaries 50mm/2" od., and the collector is 63.5mm/2.5" od. Each collector has a three bolt flange with a choice of 2" road or 2.25" race adapters. The flanges on the short adapters to the silencer are slightly angled to help alignment. Try them in all three positions They come with stainless Allen bolts and competition manifold gaskets.

To gain full potential from these manifolds use the 2.25" adaptors. Have a look at the +4 TR silencers, I use them on my +8. Not as wide as the full race +8 ones, but with good ground clearance and silencing. 2.25" straight through all the way.

Stainless steel systems - lifetime guarantee
Performance cats - 6 month guarantee
Manifolds - 18 month guarantee

+8 Non cat performance manifolds+8 Non cat performance manifoldsHead bolt set includedManifold gaskets included
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