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Plus 8 cat manifolds

Librands +8 cat manifolds inc fitting kit MO42/43

Replace those heavy cast iron manifolds with our Librands stainless tubing versions and gain circa 25 bhp. These manifolds are precision made on heavy duty jigs for co... more »

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+8 Non cat performance manifolds

Librands +8 non-cat performance manifolds inc fitting kit EXA 040

The Librands +8 Non cat manifolds exit through the inner wings, as standard, and are large bore to maximise performance on incresed capacity and tuned Rover engines. They... more »

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Librands dual system

Librands +8 Dual System All Models

Our Librands dual stainless system comes in two noise levels, and can be further moderated with our Acoustic trims. It is designed to fit on the standard mounting bracket... more »

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Acoustic trim on the left

Two EXA505 +8 Acoustic trims

These replace the standard rear trims if you find the exhaust too noisy. Easily fitted with the mounting brackets included. One of our many satisfied customers wrote. ... more »

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New +8 sports silencers

Librands +8 (Aero Chassis) sports silencers for rear exit systems

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Librands +8 side outlet pipe pair with 90 degree bend. Price per pair

These side exit pipes need cutting to size so that they stick out just beyond the running board, rotated so there is at least 20mm gap between the pipe and the running bo... more »

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BXA011DC Large flange

Librands +8 cat delete pipes pair BXA011DC

more »

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Two EXA507 Adaptor pipes for 2" OD tailpipes with clamp

These adaptor allows our Librands acoustic trims to be fitted to older non-Librands systems to make them quieter. more »

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Stainless Allen cap set

Stainless cap head bolts and spring washer set for +8 cars

16 off 3/8" UNC x 1" Allen cap head bolts with stainless spring washers more »

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Manifold gasket set

Manifold gaskets set of 4 for +8 cars

A set of 4 competition quality exhaust manifold gaskets for Librands systems more »

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