25.4 mm deep headlamp rims
Morgan Deep Head Lamp Rims (pair)

Night Breaker Laser H/L bulbs
Osram Night Breaker Laser Performance Bulbs - Pair

Oil Filler Cap - LIBR913

Sports shift fitted
Sports gear shift 4/4 Zetec with sliding sleeve for reverse. Not CVH

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Luggage rack- 1997 to date. Long door 2 seater cars with bumpers

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Librands Polished Stainless Steel Luggage Rack - exclusivity made for us in the UK

Similar to our short door rack, this one has a larger area to put the longer side screens.

The brackets are heavy duty, and are also in polished stainless steel. Sizes the same as the first rack on this page.

Side screen rack for 2 seaters with bumpers
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