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Librands Luggage rack for the New Morgan Plus Four with no spare wheel

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Librands have now launched our new luggage rack with side screen stowage for the Plus 4 without a spare wheel.

As with Our Librands luggage racks for the new cars our aim was to provide a top-quality solution, still classic in design but in keeping with the modern slick twist of the new car without any spare wheel.

It was also important for us developing this rack it was capable of storing the longer and heavier side screens, a must especially when touring, as a luggage rack with stowage provides invaluable extra spac

The rack has a top loading design, having had great feedback from clients on the ease of enabling the side screens to slot in and sit securely, without the need for removing clips or any cross securing. The design then allows the removal of the side screens without the need to fully remove any luggage on-board.

The rack is elegantly designed and machined and easily installed, by bolting to pre-existing mounting brackets on the chassis, or can be retrofitted if required.

All Librands stainless luggage racks are exclusively manufactured for them in the UK by a stainless-steel specialist producing high quality products and have a corrosion resistance polished finish, using the best quality materials.

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