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Librands manifold and ceramic cat for Morgan +4 GDI from 2014

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Developed for the new Eco-boost GDI direct injection engine, the Librands Stainless Steel manifold, with its long primary pipes, gives more power and torque throughout the range and more importantly a huge increase both in power and torque from low revs.

The 400 cell ceramic catalyst, whilst not cheap ensures that it passes emissions easily. Fabricated in stainless steel including the flanges and flexible section, it is more than worthy of a cutting edge engine.

Whilst the original Lambda probe (oxygen sensor) can be retained, the wiring will have to be extended as it is sited slightly further back in the new exhaust system so we also include Lambda sensor extension

Part nos EXA070 manifold EXA071 catalyst

Stainless steel systems - lifetime guarantee
Performance cats � 6 month guarantee
Manifolds � 18 month guarantee

Manifold and ceramic catalystInstalled on enginePower GraphEndorsementDead Tortoise
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