Door closed
Mk3 Door check car set for New Plus 8 (Aero chassis) from 2012

Librands roll bar system with road hoop
Roll Bar system for all long door cars

GDI sports exhaust
Librands sports system for 2014-on Eco-boost GDI

Side screen rack for 2 seaters with bumpers
Luggage rack- 1997 to date. Long door 2 seater cars with bumpers

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Luggage rack 1997 to date. Long door two-seater cars without bumpers or over riders

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These racks have special brackets to cater for Morgans with a spare wheel, but no bumpers or over riders.The brackets are in heavy duty polished satinless steel, and fit to the chassis in the same mountings as the over rider brackets would fit. All the cars from 1997 have these mountings as standard.
The brackets are available separately for £180 per set.
Rack sizes the same as the first rack on this page.

Rack and brackets fittedRack and bracketsBrackets onlyRack fitted 2
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