On current Roadster
Stormforce Car All Weather Car Cover. Wide +4, Late +8 and Roadster 2 and 4 Seater. Also 4/4 from 2005 CCC128

Rack and brackets fitted
Librands Luggage rack for the traditional Morgan cars 1997 to 2020. For long door 2 seater cars without bumpers or over riders

Oil Filler Cap - LIBR913

2.25" 90 degree bend
Side Exit tailpipe 2.25" (57mm) OD EXA085

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Mk 2 Door check car set for Pre August 1997 traditional Morgan cars without under scuttle roll bars

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The Librands widely acclaimed and and much praised Door Check set for both doors of your Morgan.

In response to popular demand, we have designed these MK2 door checks for earlier Morgan cars without under scuttle roll bars.

Fabricated in the UK from polished stainless steel, and easily installed, it replaces the leather strap to prevent the door opening too wide and to hold it open automatically.

You gain all the advantages of our best selling Mk 1 door checks and these are just as easy to fit. Installation guidelines are sent or available to email

Also suitable for Short Door Morgans

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