Librands Luggage rack for the New Morgan Plus Four with Alloy Wheels

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Clear Front Flasher Lens Kit

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Librands +8 cat manifolds inc fitting kit MO42/43

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SSL RS front suspension refinement kit

The SSL suspension refinement kit complete Morgan RS Front suspension with progressive spring rate and tuned SPAX adjustable or Bilstein monotube dampers. This system... more »

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SSL RS kit with hard chrome pins,bushes and lube bolts

SSL RS front suspension kit with Librands hard chrome pins and bushes

The SSL suspension refinement kit complete with Librands recommended hard chrome king pins, top lube bolts and spiral groove phosphor bronze bushes. Morgan RS Front su... more »

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Hard Chrome King Pin & Phosphor Bush Set

The king pins are manufactured from hardened and ground hard chrome rod. They are ground to a very tight specification, with lots of fine grooves to hold the grease to lu... more »

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Hard chrome king pin and bush set for cars with original plastic bushes - OVERSIZE

If you are not sure whether your car has plastic bushes ( fitted circa 2002-2005) look at the top king pin bolt. If is just a regular bolt and not one with a grease n... more »

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King pin reamer

King pin reamer for Morgan front stub axles

UK manufactured HSS 10 flute tapered hand reamer with square drive. 1 inch diameter and 15 inch overall length more »

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Brake Reaction Bars

Our Stainless steel brake reaction bars. These bars help hold the hub steady under heavy braking. A must have for a Morgan and a perfect addition to fit when fitting ... more »

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