Passenger Foot Locker 10" (254mm) wide

Tan strap set
Tan Luggage Rack Leather Straps

Competition Manifold gasket for M16 and T16 Rover engines

T16 manifold fitted
Librands Plus 4 T16 manifold for long cat 1993-1998 EXA077

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strap pack

Car Cover Additional Strap Kit

Kit comprises 3 additional straps that can be fitted to the outside of your car cover in bonnet, screen & roof areas. These straps go under & over your vehicl... more »

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Storm cover over hood


The new silver version of our Librands storm cover is made in top quality Voyager, high tear strength, lightweight, breathable material. Cover Storm Morgan Traditional... more »

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Car cover on narrow +8

Stormforce All Weather Full Car Cover. Narrow 4/4 up to 2005 or Narrow +4 CCC118

This 4 layer, all weather car cover is made in breathable fabric to allow damp and condensation to evaporate, and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The heav... more »

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On current Roadster

Stormforce Car All Weather Car Cover. Wide +4, Late +8 and Roadster 2 and 4 Seater. Also 4/4 from 2005 CCC128

Suits the above cars including the current 4 seater without a luggage rack. Our Stormforce covers covers have 4 layers 1. A robust outer layer with 100% ultra violet... more »

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Stormforce All Weather Full Car Cover Late +4 and Roadster 4 seater with our luggage rack CCC138

Especially designed for the current +4 and Roadster 4 seaters fitted with our Librands luggage rack. Also tested on 2012 onward +8 For a full description, please s... more »

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