2006 to 2017 Four Seater Plus 4

Acoustic trim left, standard trim right
EXA505 Librands acoustic trim to quieten system


Short cat adaptor
Short cat adaptor for T16 Plus Four 1993-1998 EXE050

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Mk 1 Door Check car set for traditional cars from August 1997 and earlier cars with under scuttle roll bars

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The Librands much praised door check set for both doors of your Morgan.
Fits traditional cars from 1997, and earlier cars supplied with the optional scuttle roll bar.

Fabricated in the UK from polished stainless steel, and easily installed, it replaces the leather strap to prevent the door opening too wide and to hold it open automatically.

They come with full fitting instructions.

Over 2000 sets sold. No more muddy trousers or spoilt stockings, not caused by the door anymore!

If you have a pre '97 car and are not sure if it has an under-scuttle roll bar, it is a black tubular bar fixed to the chassis just behind the door hinge post that goes up behind the dash and down to the chassis on the other side to protect your legs in the event of a side impact. Now standard, it was an option on early cars.
E-mail me for fitting instructions en Francais!

Door check fittedDoor closed showing door check sitting close to the door
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