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Deep Head Lamp Rims (pair) for all Classic Morgans

Bumper tube fitting brackets
Spotlight Brackets for Bumper Fitting (PAIR) LIBR009

SSL Front and Rear Coilovers for Aero 8 / Plus 8 Series 2,3, & 4

T16 manifold fitted
Librands Plus 4 T16 manifold for long cat 1993-1998 EXA077

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Librands +4 Triumph Super Sports Manifold

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At last Librands have made a stainless Super Sports manifold that fits only high port heads and conforms with the FIA papers. It fits both with SU and Weber manifolds.

We tested it on our FIA race spec +4 (2.2 litres) on the rolling road with direct, same day comparison to our 8 year old manifold. It gave more power throughout the range, especially from 3500 rpm.

Chris Conoley of Mass Racing says that it is the best FIA TR engine he has seen on his rollers.

The primary pipes are 1.625" diameter, secondaries 1.875" and 2.25" to the silencer.

You need a short geared starter for clearance and we run with an alternator. The dynamo is very tight. A heat shield is a good idea for both

Stainless steel systems - lifetime guarantee
Performance cats 6 month guarantee
Manifolds 18 month guarantee

Morgan TR SS manifoldMorgan TR rolling road figuresManifold on engineManifold on jigMorgan Y piece and flex
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