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Manifold installed on Kent engine

Librands 4/4 Crossflow performance manifold Kent engines M045

Our Librands crossflow manifold for the Kent engine has 1.5" diameter primary pipes (as opposed to 1.375" on the originals) and a 2" collector. It is su... more »

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Gasket set

Manifold gasket exhaust set 4/4 Crossflow

Cometic top quality gasket set more »

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Librands sports exhaust

Librands all catalyst 4/4 Sports exhaust systems, left or right hand tailpipe?

The Librands 4/4 sports system comprises a front extension pipe, our sports silencer, a 2.25"/ 57mm tailpipe, an end trim that is adjustable for length, a set of pip... more »

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Quiet silencer at top

Librands single system with quiet silencer. Left or right hand tailpipe?

Specially designed for pre-catalyst cars this system still employs a straight through silencer for maximum performance, but is definitely a lot quieter than our normal si... more »

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Acoustic trim

EXA505 Acoustic trim to quieten all traditional systems

The Librands acoustic trim (the one on the left) is designed to make the exhaust a little quieter. 320mm (12.5") long and 2.25" internal diameter. It fits... more »

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Trim adaptor

EXA507 Adaptor for 2" OD tailpipes with clamp

This adaptor allows our Librands acoustic trim to be fitted to older non-Librands systems to make them quieter. more »

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Sigma manifold and catalyst

Librands 4/4 Sport 2008 on,Sigma manifold and sports cat BXA 009

Designed for the 4/4 Sport with the Sigma 1600cc engine, our Librands sports manifold and catalyst gives over 10 bhp and 8 ft/lbs torque improvement in the mid range with... more »

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1993-1997 Zetec manifold

Librands 4/4 1993-1997 Zetec1800 silver top performance manifold EXA078

The early silver top Zetec engines had exhaust gas recirculation, eliminated on later engines. The starter is on the left looking from the driving seat. Later silver tops... more »

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Librands Zetec silver top manifold

Librands 4/4 1997-2001 Zetec 1800 silver top performance manifold EXA075

Silver top with starter on the right looking from the driving seat. Replace that surprisingly heavy and rusty cast iron manifold with our gas flowed stainless tubing i... more »

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Silver top Zetec manifold gasket

Manifold gasket Silver top Zetec engines

Steel manifold gasket for Silver top Zetec engines more »

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