Bonnet Supports for the new Morgan Plus 6 Cars - Windproof

Librands Luggage rack for the traditional Morgan cars 1997 to 2020. For long door 2 seater cars which have over riders. LIBR002

Morgan - 8 TPI, 42mm, Two-eared - Right - Single

M16 Manifold on engine
Librands +4 M16 manifold 1987-1993 EXA076

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Librands Silencer bracket and mount set for Morgan 4/4 and +4 cars

Upgrade and replace those rusty silencer mounts with our Librands Stainless version. Our Librands set to mount one silencer comprises 2 stainless laser cut L brackets... more »

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4 bonded rubber mounts

Single silencer mount set

4 Rubber mounts. Worth fitting new ones when fitting a new system. Choose two sets for dual systems more »

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Tali Pipe Bracket and rubber shown with our Exhaust Tail pipe trim

Librands Stainless tail pipe support bracket at rear - single

When upgrading your exhaust system we recommend also taking our Librands Stainless Silencer mounting brackets and also installing the Stainless rear tailpipe bracket to g... more »

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A single silencer mount set shown

Librands Silencer mount set for +8 and Roadster

Like our single system mounts, but twice as much! LiBrands silencer kit comprises 4 stainless laser cut L brackets and adjustment plates, 4 plated U bolt clamps and 8... more »

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3 Hole Large Exhaust Flange

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Mikalor 73-79 W2 Grade Heavy Duty Rear Exhaust Clamp 430 Stainless Steel with Hanger support welded SKU Code EXA505 HANGER more »

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Mikalor 63-68 W2 Grade Heavy Duty Tailpipe Trim Clamp 430 Stainless Steel with Hanger support welded SKU: EXA504 HANGER more »

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