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Librands Fiat twin cam +4 exhaust manifold and down pipe

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Librands single system

Plus 4 Sports System

The Librands sports system comprises a sports silencer available in two sound levels. The inlet is 2" (51mm) OD. The tailpipe is 2.25" (57mm) OD and the tai... more »

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EXA507 Adaptor for 2" OD tailpipes with clamp

This adaptor allows our Librands acoustic trim to be fitted to older non-Librands systems to make them quieter. more »

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Acoustic trim left, standard trim right

EXA505 Librands acoustic trim to quieten system

Replacement for the standard trim if you feel the Librands system is too loud or raspy. Comes with its own adjustable mounting clamp and rubber. Easily fitted. The aco... more »

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Manifold and ceramic catalyst

Morgan +4 GDI from 2014 Librands manifold and ceramic cat

Developed for the new Eco-boost GDI direct injection engine, the Librands manifold, with its long primary pipes, gives more power and torque throughout the range and more... more »

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GDI manifold gasket

Manifold gasket for the +4 GDI more »

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GDI sports exhaust

Librands sports system for 2014-on Eco-boost GDI

Developed for this direct injection engine, we use a longer straight through silencer, normally associated with systems without catalysts, ensuring sporty, but reasonable... more »

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Manifold and cat

Duratec +4 sports exhaust manifold and catalyst from 2006 to date. BXA020 and BXA021

Suitable for the 2 litre Duratec +4 from 2006, both left and right hand drive. We have developed a new improved manifold and 400 cell sports catalyst, giving much imp... more »

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Duratec manifold gasket

Manifold gasket Duratec

Steel gasket for Librands manifolds more »

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T16 manifold fitted

Plus 4 T16 manifold for long cat 1993-1998 EXA077

Replaces the heavy and inefficient cast iron manifold utilising your existing catalyst. Fabricated in first quality stainless steel, including the laser cut flanges. ... more »

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Short cat adaptor

Short cat adaptor for T16 Plus Four 1993-1998 EXE050

An adaptor set for those T16 models fitted with the short catalyst more »

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