Night Breaker Laser H/L bulbs
Osram Night Breaker Laser Performance Bulbs - Pair

SSL RS kit with hard chrome pins,bushes and lube bolts
SSL RS Morgan front suspension kit with Librands hard chrome pins and bushes

Mirror and Base on car
Polished Stainless Steel Extending Door Mirrors - Pair

Door Mirror Base & Arm-Polished Stainless Steel - Single

Parts and Accessories for your Morgan

Welcome to Librands, Parts & Accessories for your Morgan

Librands was founded back in the late 1980s by Rob Wells. With a background in engineering and a passion for the Morgan Sportscars, we started producing our own range of performance manifolds and exhausts, building up an extensive range of products based on our experience and customer requests.

The company went on to designing a wide range of products such as the Librands door checks, Librands passenger footlockers, Librands side screen storage and luggage racks.

Librands Exhausts are designed and fabricated for us in the UK using top quality stainless steel, by an independent Motorsport specialist. All Librands stainless luggage racks are also manufactured in the UK by a stainless-steel specialist producing the highest quality products in reliability, strength and corrosion resistance polished stainless steel.

Librands products can be purchased direct from our website and if you need any further information or advice please call our Freephone number 0345 207 4000 or drop us a message via our contact form.

We are here to help you with any technical questions and guidance. We ship internationally and many of the Morgan dealers or specialist garages stock our Librands products, with the option to supply and fit.. We understand that a website, however comprehensive, cannot answer all your questions so if you’d rather email us or pick up the phone we’d be happy to hear from you.

Here, you can easily view details of our range of bespoke Librands parts and accessories for your Morgan. To begin, you can start with the products pages, or read and find about new products.

MOG 800 Rob Wells’ Plus 8 rebuilt by Lewis Racing/Librands & finished in 2009.

Built on a Morgan chassis with a stainless bulkhead it has a torsionally strengthened chassis and stiffened stainless bulkhead. It runs a 4.2 Litre Rover V8 engine on SU carbs with a Walkinshaw crankshaft and a fast road hydraulic cam. Power drives through a works LT77 gearbox And a 3.7 BTR limslip axle. All round disc brakes are by Mulberry fabrications. It has our own design suspension, with wishbones at the front and coil overs with 5 link and rocker arms at the rear.

Built originally with only a hardtop, we fitted air conditioning. Later adding a Simmonds hood. We designed the dash incorporating the heater and air con controls and a radio and CD player. Also adjustable face air outlets.

Librands Project Plus 8

Librands products included in the build.

  • Stainless interior mirror and convex round door mirrors with stainless bases. Door checks and side screen steadies.
  • +8 stainless performance manifolds and silencers with side exits.
  • Clear flasher lenses and Cibie H180 head lamp units with Ultimate Nightbreaker bulbs. Sidelights incorporated in the headlights.
  • Luggage rack and roll bar system with stainless road hoop.
  • Cup holder.